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Our Story 

Candles made to be bold in their scent and their appearance.

Our story is a beautifully simple one. First and foremost, we're driven by fragrance that shapes memories, shifts moods and makes a lasting impact.


In our journey of exploring the home fragrance world, we wanted to create dreamy candles that were highly fragranced and aesthetically beautiful but also creations that weren't too expensive to light every day. 

Luxury quality is at the forefront of our vision along with products that are natural and non-toxic. That's why we use 100% soy wax, cotton and paper wicks, and premium essential oils at higher quantities to blend our unique scents. 

We create all our products in our studio in Cape Town. They are all blended by us, hand poured, packaged and finally checked meticulously to ensure when you light them you get the sense of wonder we get when creating them.

Hi, I'm Jessy.

I'm the founder and creator of Jasmine & Jay. From an early age I loved to create and have done so throughout most of my life. Through design, creation and working to perfect a craft I have always been driven by the sense of curiosity and fulfilment in making something truly unique. 

I started Jasmine & Jay in the beginning of 2021 while working full time in the advertising industry and spent my time since then learning, testing and trialing every component of a candle.

My deep obsession with the world of fragrance fuels my drive to create home scents that are not only luxurious and memorable but accessible and affordable enough to enjoy often.

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